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Jan. 29, 1975:  Bradenton principal indicted for plotting to kill husband

Emma C. Harvey, 54, a Bradenton elementary school principal, was indicted on charges she had hired three people to kill her husband, a 62-year-old. landscaper. John Harvey was found knifed to death in his residence after police received a tip from an unknown caller. Emma Harvey was out of town the night of the killing. The inquiry later determined she gave a former student $1,000 to have her husband killed. The student consequently contracted two men  for $250 each. However,  shortly after they committed the crime, the former student acknowledged her involvement, leading to the speedy arrests of Emma Harvey and her two killers. All three later received life sentences. The former student was not charged. Read more in these Sarasota Herald Tribune stories:  Harvey Murder Case Indictments Returned and Braadenton Hits Pulp Magazine Headlines 
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