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Imagine if dropping into the most exclusive South Beach nightclubs was a piece of cake. No waiting in line for hours, no worrying a stern doorman will not let you in, no need to pay somebody off just to sneak in…


Instead, grab your friends, pull up in a club like a VIP in a bad-ass limo and skip those long lines of anxious people, while a bouncer is rolling out a red carpet for you.


Sound like a dream? Wait, it gets better.


South Beach Live Group is an established, reliable, modern provider of the premiere nightlife solutions in Miami beach that allows you to book and pay for the whole experience right on our website. We have been helping locals and travelers from all over the world to have an unforgettable, affordable, smooth night on the town for over 11 years. Come party in Miami with us!


VIP party package, custom or private tour – let us be a one-stop shop for all your nightlife plans in Miami!

Party in Miami

With our company, you can have all of the above benefits, plus, get ready for the big night in one of our hand-picked bars or lounges. Translation – free unlimited alcohol in the company of cute guys and gals even before you hit the club!


How do we ensure this? First, we pre-select the best nightlife venues in south beach for any kind of weather – so that our guests can always enjoy the pre-party, rain or shine.


Then we pre-arrange unlimited open bar for all of our customers at that venue – so all you have to do, is show up and have a good time without the burden of paying for the entrance and drinks.


Think it doesn’t get breezier than that? Well, it does. Remember the limo? Yeah, that fine piece of a vehicle will arrive right at the bar’s door, pick you and your new friends up and take you to the club of your choice in style.


You will feel like a celebrity thanks to the VIP treatment of our courteous drivers and the comfort of our modern limos.


All those high heels, swanky dresses, impeccable make-up, hair and nails done? Girls, we at South Beach Live Group know the effort and time they take, and are here to help you arrive at the club at your most stunning and radiant.


And guys… You might already know a party in Miami is all about impressing a lady. Elevate your game with our high-end Miami Clubs service.


South Beach Live Group works with the most famous and prestigious nightclubs in Miami, such as Icon, Liv, Story, Set, Nikki beach, Ora,Ivy, Space, Dream, Mokai, Dream and King Of Diamonds.


Normally, you’d wait at least an hour to access one of those coveted Miami spots with the most beautiful women and the most eligible men in the world. When you are our guest, you’ll go inside any club in a matter of mere 5-10 minutes!


It is also common practice in Miami that doormen are brick-wall and may deny your entrance as they see fit. With South Beach Live Group your entrance is guaranteed – just relax and savor your night!  


The best part? When you book your nightlife experience with us, all of the aforementioned perks are already included. One and done!


We strongly believe in straightforward, no sweat, no trouble solutions for going out. Because let’s face it, when you’re off work, you don’t need more work!


Which is why we have revolutionized the way one can arrange a fantastic night out in Miami – simply with the click of a button! No more dealing with fickle street promoters, constantly calling and texting them back and forth, having inaccurate information, missing important tickets and having your hopes for an impeccable night crushed.


We have streamlined the whole process by letting you pick and pay for your experience right on our website. South Beach Live Group is proud to be a pioneer in this nightlife industry aspect in Miami – we are happy to put the customer back into the driver’s seat!


Let us recap the incredible value you will get when you book one of our nightclub tours or VIP packages:


– our solid reputation, 11-year expertise, and raving testimonials

– the most sought-after clubs Miami has to offer

– no more waiting in line

– entrance to any club of your choice guaranteed

– no need to oil the palm of a doorman or deal with his attitude

– no surprises or discrimination about the club entrance fees

– a convenient and chic limo ride to the club from the pre-party venue

– prime lounges and bars to assure your night is off to a good start

– a pre-party venue readily available for any kind of weather

– unlimited open bar for 2 hours at the pre-party

– strict standards for other patrons’ behavior, warranting your safety and comfort

– easiness, transparency and convenience of the booking online process

– all major cards accepted for the payment

The Nightlife Solutions We Offer:


1) VIP party package


Wednesday through Sunday


This package includes:


– 2 hour pre-party with unlimited open bar (excludes beer, wine and premium liquor brands)

– limo service to the designated club

– VIP entrance with our personal promoter

– no cover

– line skipping

– free admission card to Mango’s Tropical Cafe (a fun nightclub/entertainment venue with a Latin vibe and gorgeous international crowd)

– free admission to Mansion, Space, Set or Liv on another day (upon availability)


2) Custom tours


Need to arrange the fun bachelorette party before your best friend ties the knot? Want to splurge and lock in a spacious table with bottles at the ritzy club of your choice? Your wish is our command. Just contact us for a quote.


3) Private tours


Tailored to our most sophisticated and discerning clientele, these nightlife tours are anything but traditional. Enjoy the privacy and exclusivity of a personal limo, a private driver, a private party host and more… Drop us a line and tell us about your perfect night out to get a quote today!


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