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Today in Florida History | Visit Florida |Miami Sightseeing |Miami Nightlife

Miami sightseeing and Miami night life

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Jan. 27, 1964:  Visitors with out-of-state tags warned about thieves

No one with a stake in Florida’s tourism marketplace likes to dwell on it, but sometimes guests are targeted by thieves.  The Miami News emphasized this point with a caveat to people driving cars with out-of-state tags. The previous year, thieves looted 1,564 cars in Dade County and stole $188,502 of loot. Only 157 of the cases were solved, and $5,882 of the loot was ever recovered.  It is said, that one thief even kept a nice Miami Beach apartment from the money he earned looting cars, the paper said.  The Miami Police Department’s chief detective warned motorists with out-of-state tags to lock their cars when they go to the beach and don’t bring any valuables along.  Read the story in the Miami News:  Invitation To Steal: Out-Of-Town Tags

Follow these simple safety tips to avoid becoming a victim of theft.
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  • Avoid leaving any valuables visible inside your car.
  • If you must keep valuables in your car, secure them in either the trunk or glove compartment.
  • If allowed, back your car in when parking so that your out-of-state plate is not immediately visible.


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