Top Best Miami Clubs: Let us show you how to party in Miami

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Let Us Show You the Best of Miami Night Life

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Liv @ Fontainebleau Miami Beach
While the Fountainbleau remains one of the most breathtakingly luxurious hotels in all of Miami, it’s not surprising that LIV, the hot-to-trot nightclub held within, is also one of Miami’s crown jewels for an evening of dancing in decadence. LIV is all velvet rope and VIP and Gucci and Prada and bottle service. It’s not the place to go in jeans and a t-shirt hoping for a free shot of Jameson to go with your $5 beer. It is the place to go if your Manolo Blahnik’s finally arrived and you’ve got the need to show them off while hoping to rub elbows with Kim Kardashian, Alex Rodriguez, Kate Hudson, or Jay-Z (all previous guests of the establishment). Come party in Miami with us today!

Electric Pickle
The Electric Pickle opened up well over a decade ago, and unlike many of the surrounding places that have come and gone, this hip joint doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. The Pickle is a music and dance lover’s dream. 300 audiophiles fit well within its 2 rooms, and spill out over into their back patio, allowing for 3 different ambiances on any given night. The crowd here is always lively, the tunes are always on point and you’ll often catch acts here that are on the verge of blowing up. This is definitely the type of place to take your girlfriends out for a night of dancing, a place to meet new dance partners, a place to lose yourself in the music.

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Ball & Chain
The original Ball & Chain opened in Calle Ocho and was simply known as the Tamiami Trail, through which farmers would send oranges and other crops east to the Downtown Miami area. It has survived decades of reinvention, calling itself at one time the Ball & Chain Tavern, and serving as a venue for legendary performers like Billie Holiday and Chet Baker. These days, the Ball & Chain is once again serving as a live music and dance venue, with a full bar, a fine drink menu, and tapas for when the mood strikes. While they’re still just starting out, there’s no doubt that larger acts will be hitting the stage here in no time. Experience the very best of Miami nightlife.

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